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Author Bio

Meet the Authors

Get to know the authors of EVC's Leaf-By-Leaf and explore their work

Sravani Banerjee

Educator, dog lover, and world traveler.  Passionate about all three, but mostly about creating a safe space for our students and increasing awareness about social justice and global issues that impact our lives daily.

Jehan Zaib Bano

Poetry is like soul food. Reading exploring historical places and hiking are two activities I choose to do in my free time.

Camila Castillo

Camila is a 24 year old college student who has a passion for creative writing. She hopes to receive her bachelor's in English after completing her 2 years at SJSU. Camila loves birds, talking to her friends and is an admirer of all art.

Gina Cerda

I am working on my teaching Degree as my major at university in the fall and my minor is Writing.

Chloe Chahrouri

Chloe Chahrouri is a second-year student at Evergreen Valley College. She is 20 years old and a second-generation Lebanese-American. She plans to major in creative writing and hopes to have a career as an author in the future.

Janet Childs

For almost 50 years, Janet Childs has been actively providing crisis intervention counseling and education focusing on the dynamics of loss, illness, crisis and grief. Janet also is a board member of the Institute of Poetic Medicine. She has a love for singing, songwriting and poetry. She is the co-author of the book, Experiential Action Methods: Tools for Healing Grief and Loss Related Trauma: Life Death and Transformation. Combining her experience with loss, she creates a healing environment.

Cassandra Fonseca

Cassandra, who normally goes by Cass, is a student at Evergreen Valley College. She enjoys reading YA novels and series, watching new shows/anime, and working out. Cass also enjoys hanging out with her family, friends, and cat, Yuji. (:

Evangelynne Lee

Hello, reader: my name is Evee and my lifelong vice has been to scribble out extremely short - short stories. My writing can be wordy or detailed; that’s up to you to decide. Enjoy!

Mark Llano

Mark Ilano is a 1st year Health Science student at Evergreen Valley College. He has a passion for traveling, learning about new cultures and cuisines, animals and plants. Keep spreading kindness!

Derek Lumagui

Freshman at Ohlone College, studying engineering. I love art and math.

Amber Marie

I am a writer about to be publishing my first book called Lovers' Blood, and my sister is publishing her book soon called Even the devil fell in love. I'm 21 and Writing is my escape from reality.

Angelina Martinez

Angelina Martinez loves writing short stories and poetry. Her favorite genres are fiction and fantasy. She often writes stories on fantastical creatures and heart felt endings. She hopes to inspire others to do the same as well.

Joseph Melero

I'm a criminal justice and I am working on becoming a law enforcement officer. I am also pretty interested in one day writing a book about my Adventures of being a law enforcement officer.

Charlotte Miles

Charlotte Miles is a student living in California. Her particular interest when it comes to writing is queer fantasy. She currently lives with her family and her four cats.

Eman Naseerkhan

Eman Naseerkhan is a student at EVC who doesn't know how to describe herself.

Jane Nguyen

Jane Nguyen is a failed singer, actor, and writer who has settled for the realistic path of being dull.

Faith Ho Russell

I am a 19-year-old girl and a first-generation American. I have aspirations to attain a career in business or graphic design, and am passionate about several mediums of art.

Anthony Salazar

What can be said about an individual that has existed as a spectator. 

I have lived as the trees; seen but not known. I have been the birds that sing; heard, but not understood. I have been the wind; constant and changing––my direction shifting to whims unknown.

I am but a fragment of dust; a speck confounded by its mere existence.

I am you, in another brain and body.

Daisy Sanchez

Daisy is in her first year at Evergreen Valley College. Daisy loves writing, skating (in most forms), playing guitar, and petting cats. Daisy also loves driving even if she is not good at it, because it's the only way she can go and get her daily matcha fix.

Joshua Tapia

Hello, my name is Joshua. Most of the inspiration for my work comes from my own life. Hope you enjoy!

Jdieonds Viernes

I'm a student at EVC who enjoys writing as a hobby and listening to K-pop during my free time.

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