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Memories or Lies

By Charlotte Miles

I can’t ever tell

when someone lies to me.

They tell me they said this,

they tell me to fix that.

They claim they’ve said it before,

ask me why I haven’t done it yet.

“I told you a hundred times,

can’t you just fix it?”

I can’t remember.

I don’t remember them telling me. They never said a thing to me.

Are they lying?

Has my memory failed again?

I can’t tell.

I check the records.

I check anything written.

I check the messages I’ve received. They’ve never said a thing.

Maybe I just forgot.

Maybe it didn’t get written down. “God, you’re so forgetful,

this is why I don't trust you.”

Maybe they're right.

I can never tell if they’re lying.

I can never remember the truth.

I assume they’re right.

I assume it’s my fault.

I can’t remember anything, after all.

So I guess it is all because of me.

I’ll do better next time, I swear.


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