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Off the Wall

By Joshua Tapia

Hell is an understatement, a 9-5 prison.

Serpent spawn slither in before closing,

It’s Wednesday, but money keeps flowing.

Demand and supply, Supply their demands.

Can I please get my 10?

Before I go Off the Wall!

I’m the only one on the clock,

I’ll work till I fall.

Heat rises with the occupant count,

“Move faster,” can’t you see I need help?

Boxed in walls of boxes.

Slip-on down into a new Era of demands,

Sk8-Hi passed Authentic interactions.

There is no Old Skool[1] politeness,

Only Knu School[2] harshness.

Paul Van Doren, would you be proud?

The customer is always right.

Am I worth 21.40 an hour?

That's before taxes.

Retail Management, where you must

Paint on your Mona Lisa.

And still

to the beasts we say,

as they slither away,

“Have a wonderful day!”

_______________________________ [1] The Old Skool, Classic Slip-on, Era, Authentic, and Sk8-Hi were the first five shoes produced by Vans. [2] Newest shoe produced by the Vans.


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