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When Was The Last Time You Saw A Tumbleweed?

By Derek Lumagui

Dizzy, drowsy, dumbfounded.

I feel the wind picking up speed. In my room? The fan must be on.

But it’s so cold. I’m shaking. But I can’t get up.

My ears are watery. Why does my chest hurt this way?

I want to cry out in pain, but it’s inexplicable.

The shadows in the corners mash and smear against the outlines of light.

I hate myself, what the FUCK am I doing, someone please help me

Who do I even call to? Would it even help? I shake my head, the room stops spinning.

The loud rustling in my ears finally stops as I get up from my bed.

I need to get my shit together. I need to straighten myself out.

The thoughts whizz past my head, scenarios popping in and out of existence.

As the world spins again, I reach for my escape.

A new show is out? I’m intrigued. I think I recognize these actors.

Suddenly the world is spinning down. It gets smaller and smaller.

Tears secrete, the plot thickens.

I’m immersed in a new world, a world in a world of a world.

The time of grief has ended; the room comes to a halt.

I feel safe here.


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