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Through the lens

By Amber Marie

Eyes are a way into the soul, See the pain, see the joy, See the future Why do we mask the pain we feel? Why can't we open our eyes and see the beauty of love and friendship?

Why is it so hard to let someone see what we see,

We must let others find us in the dark place,

We forget we cannot see with no light,

That best friend can be what lights the way When there is no way out...

Look up, for the one you love is lighting the way

Eye contact with the ones we love is like everyone else in the world disappears and it's just you and that person. Eye contact is a way of saying I see you, If you cannot see the beauty within yourself look through someone else's lens A butterfly cannot see their own beauty so we depend on other peoples len's to show us the beauty that's within

My Soulmate is my flashlight

He sees me in the darkness and guides me out Love can be many things but you never know who someone really is until you gaze into someone's eyes for when you gaze into their eyes you see the real them you can see things in them that they can't see in themselves and they can see things in you that you don't see within yourself.


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