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Imagination Vacation

By Joshua Tapia

I need a vacation,

How about you?

One is always down the road,

if you care to join.

Close your eyes, I’ll close mine,

and join me on a trip close to home.

Left on Neocortex lane,

where it means Thalamus boulevard.

What can this place be?

A nest, with the birds above the trees.

A breathtaking view, with Himalayan breeze.

Or join a bear to buy honey from the bee.

Or, should we sail using a dolphin's fin?

Maybe take a deeper dive in, no need to swim.

Let's breathe in water of salt, or fresh streams.

Is wet atmosphere not your sort of thing?

Then fill your lungs, I feel mine, full of dry stars.

We’ll continue, passing mars,

pass belts of crushing rubble.

Say hello to the first God where he lies,

Gaea employed him always to the sky.

Shoot through Orion’s heart,

go past known stars into galaxies new.

We need no car to drive, nor ship to sail or fly.

Now you might ask, but why?

How, in these places, do we arrive?

Simple! Close your eyes, and I’ll close mine,

because the best vacation is hidden in the mind's eye.


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