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Love, The Valley of Destruction

By Amber Marie

Love can be like a garden, However

Love can be like a field of dry grass

Love can make you go into insanity

Love can make you laugh and also make you cry

Love is so painful especially to say Goodbye

Love can go beyond distance or time

Love is crazy

Love can be blind making you fall for the wrong person

Sometimes to know you really love someone you have to let them go

Love is being there for them through thick and thin no matter the obstacles in the way

Love is making sure your partner feels safe and secure

Love can be pure bliss

Love can be like a field of daisies

Love can also be like a wildfire Love is like a candle

It Flickers when you fight, It goes from left to right

No matter where we are in the world Distance doesn't matter

Love can make you do some terrible things

Love is like being caught in a snowstorm

Love brings you good and bad moments

But you can't have the good without going through the bad

You learn to enjoy the little things in life Love can be full of magic

Love can also be like poison

Love is a drug

Love can bring you down but then it can bring a high

But most importantly Love can be the most beautiful gift in life

Remember to say I love you to the ones you love.

That simple I love you can turn someones valley of destruction into a garden of Roses


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