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By Sravani Banerjee

In the eighties, I longed for home

My mother's spicy, aromatic curries

My father's quiet presence

My siblings' laughter

My friends' endless chatter

The warmth of home

The smell of sandalwood incense

The familiarity of my neighborhood

The monstrous monsoons of Calcutta

Thundering, threatening cumulus clouds

Dark skies, incessant rain, flooded streets

Hot tea with samosas

Street vendors serving spicy Jhal muri

College days-youthful and carefree

Today, my home is San Jose

Where I arrived as a new bride

from a faraway land

Blended, assimilated

Raised my children

and fell in love

with the diversity

the multicultural spirit

the intermingling of cultures

The ultimate acculturation

Where else would I find

A taqueria, a pho place, a Carls' Junior and a dosa café, all in the same strip mall?


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