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By Angelina Martinez

I can't sleep anymore.

Well, I never really sleep but it's getting worse.

When I sleep I dream of my inner demons.

Red light and powdered smoke,

From the ash filled air I smell blood.

I feel pulling.

My arms

I look down to find claws,

They dig into my skin.

Blood pools and falls from my arms,

It keeps pulling, down to my fingertips.

I feel weak and it holds out its hand.

Takes mine and starts to pull me in.

Almost comforting me after tearing me apart.

I can feel the heat radiate from its body,

The numbness sets in.

I slowly give in crying.

I cry into its arms as I watch the red light around me fade into black.

I wake up heavy breathing.

Soaked in sweat,

Covered in tear stains,

My pillow heavy with water.

I look around.

My room.

Blue light fills my room,

My eyes blurry and now all I see is blue.

This comforting glow that takes the pain away,

I look to my phone.

2am, once again and I can't sleep.


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