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By Angelina Martinez

It’s mysterious.

It has no rule or a specific way to be.

It’s determined by nature.

It comes in so many shapes and sizes.

It lives in all parts of Earth,

The land, sea and sky.

For many it’s too short,

Often passes by within the blink of an eye.

It scares most due to the mere fact that,

It doesn’t last forever.

Instead, it grows, thrives, and dies,

As all things do.

Others try to forget its existence.

Not caring for today or tomorrow.

For all it’s a choice,

To take or leave.

Many decide to leave when,

The road gets rough.

There’s a saying,

“Only the strongest survive.”

Though it's true,

The strongest thrive.

Though I see it differently.

I see it not for survival but for time.

We never get enough of it,

So we must make the most of it.

Follow your dreams.

Become something someone couldn’t.

See the world how others can’t.

Experience the wonder it has to offer.

It's not about its end or beginning.

It’s about what you choose to do with it.

This crazy thing called life.


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