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The Slaughtering Cause

By Ben Nardolilli


Open up a lukewarm one and try again

To drink beyond the thought

Of any and all childhood needs,

Accelerate the sips if necessary,

It’s all good for the slaughtering cause


It may start to rain, inside the skull,

Or down the front side of a shirt,

Or blouse, or a piece of skin that’s free,

Lose a name, maybe yours,

Maybe the names of all of your loves


Wade through the comment sections

Of other people around you,

The thrill isn’t as shallow as they think,

Because you are the only one

Doing the real thinking on the street


On the border of asphalt and cement,

By the sea, or by a puddle,

It’s time to get to a point of clarity,

On the other side of the darkness,

A stray lightbulb awaits in the distance


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