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The Least I Can Do Is Be a Good Daughter

By Hannah Johnson

I have so much of my mom's face but none of her grit.

Each & every day I'm finding more & more reasons

as to why I don't deserve her - I never did.

the way she's been through thick & thin

& thick

& thick

& thick

yet miraculously fought her way out of it

each & every single time

never fails to amaze me.

The way she's sacrificed so much for me,

the way she'd choose to crawl on her knees just

so I could be able to stand on my feet,

the way she'd give up absolutely everything

for me to have absolutely anything.

Nothing can beat this type of love - the unconditional kind.

I've never met another woman who I looked up to

more than my mom; who's hard work

& strength

& courage

& bravery

I wanted more of.

I've never met another woman who has impacted me in the way my mom does.

I've never felt as passionately & filled with love for anyone in this way.

she was my home for the first 9 months of my life

& I will always find a home in her even after mine fades away. the least I can do is be a good daughter.


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