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By Janet Childs


When I reach deep into

those moments


we gift our energy;

It fills the light with room

to take a step

forward into

the cave of unknowing.

A small, yet penetrating


on the shoulder, hand, back

reminds me I am not alone.


A calm and rich presence

penetrates this experience:

The shock of life softens

beneath my striving achievement;

my need to be important.


this gentle offering

is the deepest strength-

waiting, the hardest to do, for a sprinkle

of sun.

In downpour, the ark of hope

and dreams, flickers

I’ll just go out for a walk

where the air, roots

and wings fill me

engulf me

with this:

The aroma of flower petals,

leaves, and clouds, a blanket of

impartial love -

always there for me.

Even the parched desert

has a soul:

Look beneath the surface

of an uncomfortable, barren,

even seemingly hostile face

And find

this fragrance of hot, clear


the dance of cacti, hawk, owl, bat;

prickly sprinkle of light

and shadowy deep


calls me here.


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