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By Jeffrey Zable


Yesterday I received an e-mail from a friend

who I grew up with, is the same age as me,

and who went to the same high school, informing me

that yet another classmate passed away.


That he was just sitting with some people in a café

when he all of a sudden had a heart attack and

dropped dead onto the floor.


Upon reading this, I immediately pictured the guy

and remembered that I was sitting at the same table

with him and his wife at the 50 year high school reunion

which took place a few years ago. And I also recalled

that he had married her right out of high school and that

they had known each other since elementary school.


As he was a kind, thoughtful guy way back then

and very friendly at the reunion, I began to feel sad,

as he seemed like someone who really enjoyed life,

and had plenty of years left in the tank.


And as I think about how devasted his wife must be,

I’m hoping she wasn’t there at the time. . .


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