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By Brian Robertson


Starlight cascades in silvery streams,

Piercing eternal darkness with shimmering beams,

Celestials dance woven in prismatic seams.

A fire alight in crimson haze,

Color of passion, a scarlet blaze,

Entire mountains burn under its sightful gaze.

Warm rusted sky, a citrus star,

The comforting sound of wooden guitar,

Life in the desert, a sunset colored like salmon caviar.

Golden rays dance in the morning's gleam,

Endless fields of wheat, a golden dream,

Through crystal clear water, bright scales of a bream.

Emerald groves sway in verdant hue,

Grass-covered hills, with morning dew,

A forest of saplings, overgrown it grew.

In skies of azure, dreams take flight,

Cyan whispers of serenity, a calming sight,

Ocean depths beckon, Calm navy night.

Amidst lavender's soft, fragrant bloom,

Whispers of twilight, an indigo perfume,

Peaceful flowers in amethyst plume.

Lack of all light, void of all color,

A new type of pigment, yet to discover,

Will it bring sight, or will it be duller?


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