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Meet You at the Spot?

By Daisy Sanchez


It was a warm, and sunny March afternoon. The sunlight was falling through the pane glass window onto the linoleum floor, and reflected off of the navy blue lockers. The hallways were bustling with students, filling the air with excited chatter and hasty footsteps. Young voices rang with talks of weekend plans, whether it be shopping at the mall or having a late-night bender at the home of whoever’s parents were out of town. Julia was kneeling into her locker, unloading dozens of textbooks from her backpack into it.

“Julia!” Becka came behind Julia and shook her back and forth with both of her hands on Julia’s shoulders. Julia fell forward into her locker out of startle, and playfully laughed with her head still in the locker.

“Becka! I swear to fucking God!” Julia turned around and playfully shoved Becka with both hands, and Becka shoved her back laughing.

“Okay, Okay, I am dying to tell you about the date that I went on last night. It was with the guy that we met who was working at the car wash the other day, remember?” Becka blabbered while leaning into the neighboring locker of Julia’s as they both kneeled on the floor.

“Yes, I remember ‘old car wash loser’-” Julia joked while wiping her glasses on her shirt.

“Don’t call him that! He was actually really sweet. Although, there were a few times where I was really debating whether or not to pretend to go to the bathroom and then really just get in my car and leave. The first time was when he said that he was glad that The Beatles broke up, because that is just so mean to say, like, they only broke up a year ago that is still very fresh, and then the second time he-” Julia pressed her index finger against Becka’s flapping lips.

“I have to go to class, but I do wanna hear more about your date with ‘car wash loser,’ wanna go to the spot after school?” Julia asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Becka grinned, and said, “Sure thing, I’ll make sure to keep the story warm for ya until then.” Becka stood up and twirled happily, sending her long, blonde hair gliding through the air. She trotted away, and turned back to Julia, and shouted, “We need to get you on dates, Julia! I’m tired of always being the one talking about the terrible guys I date! I heard that Jason Bakowski is single now if you’re interested!” she teased Julia. Julia blushed, and adjusted her glasses again, nervously.

“I don’t have time for boys! Some of us actually go to class and have homework!” Julia giggled. She shut her locker and timidly walked to the opposite end of the hallway as Becka. They both left that hallway with each other’s voices still ringing in their ears, but neither of them knew what it meant.

The trees roared with strong wind weaving in and out of their leaves. The sound of rushing water leaked from the river, and the smell of moss and soil sailed in the air. Julia and Becka were sitting on a big boulder in the middle of the river that had just enough surface area peeking above the water for both girls to sit on it. They were conversing loudly and roaring with laughter, taking puffs of the joints wedged between their fingers in between laughs.

Julia shouted over Becka’s laughs, “Okay, so you’re telling me, that ‘car wash loser’-”

Becka cut Julia off and loudly corrected her, “His name is Johnny!she breathlessly stated, then returned back to laughing right after.

“Okay, so Johnny was an hour late to the date, forgot his wallet at home, and didn't kiss you goodnight after you dropped him off?” Julia asked disapprovingly. She shook her head and then took a hit from her joint.

“He was really sweet though! He said he would do whatever it took to be on time tonight, he swore!-” Julia cut Becka off this time, and exclaimed, “You’re going out with him again tonight? You’re unbelievable, Becka!” she shouted in disbelief. Becka laughed even harder, clutching her stomach in pain from the laughter.

When the laughter died down, the two sat with the sounds of the forest for a while, taking in all the shades of green surrounding them.

Julia broke the silence and asked Becka hesitantly, “So, you really like this guy, huh?”

Becka paused for a long time with her eyes fixated on the roaring water below them, and then said, “I think he’s really sweet.”

“Well yeah, but that doesn’t mean that you like him.” Julia stated. Becka didn’t respond, but Julia noticed a perplexity in Becka’s face when she said that, so she turned her body towards Becka and planted criss-cross in front of her.

Julia placed her right hand on Becka’s shoulder and softly asked, “Are you okay, man?”

Becka flicked her joint into the river, and lifted her eyes to Julia. Becka’s breathing was shallow, and she lifted her left hand to Julia’s face, but pulled it back before her fingertips could meet Julia’s cheek. Julia’s eyes widened, and her breaths grew even quicker than Becka’s.

“Becka, what are you-” Julia stammered, but didn’t continue her statement. Julia was very confused, but also very eager to see what would happen next, almost like she had imagined a scenario like this before. Becka released a deep, long sigh, and finally allowed her fingers to glide onto Julia’s cheek.

“I wish I liked a boy as much as I liked you, Julia.” Becka somberly, and quietly said. Julia froze, flabbergasted. Her cheeks flushed with cherry-colored pigment, and within a minute, the two’s lips met one another’s. It was like the world had stopped spinning. When their lips unlocked, the world began to spin again, and it was spinning faster than ever.

“I’m sorry! Oh God, I’m so sorry! I-” Becka got up from the rock, but tripped over her feet and fell forward into the river.

“Becka!” Julia yelled, and lowered her hand to help Bekca out of the water and back onto the rock. Becka stood up, with the rushing water at her ankles, and ran out of the river towards the woods, whispering “I’m sorry” to herself in between sobs. Julia sat there alone on the rock, and did not go home until it was dark.

One month had passed since Julia and Becka had seen each other. Julia tried to carry on with school and work as usual, but it was not the same without Becka. When Becka stopped going to school in March, there were rumors circling the halls and classrooms about her sudden disappearance, and each one was crazier than the last. Anytime someone asked Julia about why Becka wasn’t at school, she would only ever respond with “I don’t know.” She didn’t bring up the spot, or the river, or the kiss, nothing. Julia’s head was filled to the brim with questions and feelings that she had locked away for years, but she couldn’t disclose any of them to Becka.

It was the end of April, and rainfall was soaking the soft soil under Julia’s boots. The river rushed with sound like always, accompanied with the pitter patter of raindrops hitting the stream. Julia had not been to the spot since the kiss, but on that rainy day, she decided to go.  When she reached the end of the trail at the edge of the river, she could see the rock peeking out of the river, and she could see Becka sitting on it. She was wearing a mustard-yellow raincoat with the hood on. She was hugging her knees, letting the rain pour onto her.

“Becka!” Julia shouted with her hands cupped around her mouth. Becka turned, and her eyes met with Julia’s for the first time in almost two months. She swiftly got onto her feet, like a doe ready to flee from a predator. Julia’s eyes frantically bounced around her surroundings, trying to quickly formulate a plan that would get her across the river to Becka. In a fit of adrenaline, Julia hastily jumped into the roaring river. Julia thrashed about in the water, pushing the restless waves out of her path to propel herself. When she reached the rock, Becka had her hands stretched out to Julia, and she helped heave her onto the boulder.

Julia gasped for air, and breathlessly blabbered, “Where have you been? I’ve been so worried, why haven’t you been at school? I was gonna go to your house so many times but I didn’t know if you needed space or-.” Julia startlingly stopped when she noticed the fear in Becka’s face.

Becka’s lips quivered, and she said in a whisper, “I thought you hated me. I thought you would hate me.” It was like they were back in the moment they had in March, again. Julia slowly lifted her hands to Becka’s face, and cradled it gently. Becka’s eyes widened with shock, and just like Julia, she was eager to see what would happen next. Once again, it was like the world fell silent, like the rain stopped falling, like the world stopped spinning.

 Julia held Becka’s tear-soaked face, and she softly confessed, “What you’re feeling,” she paused, then continued, “I feel it too, Becka,” Julia said. She then placed her lips gently onto Julia’s. As the rain poured on them, Julia and Becka shared a kiss that was longer than the one they shared back in March. The secret they shared would be safe between them from then on, for the years and years to come, and in that moment, it felt as if the world was spinning a little bit slower.


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