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First Gen Reminder

By Gabriela Leon

How dare you throw the pain he faced away;

When with disdain his sweat-sliced brow was seen,

When humble hands were wrung in search for work

And faced the mockery of those who'd always

Had more than enough? Don't you dare forget

The land he left behind in search for you.

Yes, you the person standing here right now

Is thanks to him and all he sacrificed.

Each painful sneer and jab and foreign word

He's had to hear and could not understand;

Those wounds he carries well concealed today.

He'll never ask for just returns from you

Yet well you know he's earned some peace and rest.

So, when you find yourself too sad and weary

Remember each callous on his hands,

And how his eyes now droop from the fatigue.

His only hope is your success and joy,

So let me ask the person you've become again:

How dare you cast his love away from you?


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