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Dark Waters

By Lily Estrada

I do not swim for the sky, The

sky is only there.

Sirius, Arcturus, Rigel.

I swim for the warmth

That emanates from the fire.

The glow that flickers

From its bright orange flames. I

swim for the sound

Of crickets and the soft

Music from my speaker. I

swim for you,

Who swims beside me

And only sees the sky.

You see the sky, but I

Only feel you. I swim

For the water, and it is dark. It

is still, quiet, and dark, And I

should be scared.

But when I float, I have

The crickets, my music, warmth,

And you. And it doesn't feel Like

water anymore.

Sirius, Arcturus, Rigel.

I don't swim for the sky. I

float through it.


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