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By Daisy Sanchez


Tap, tap, tap.

On the table my pen goes

Tap, tap, tap.

Just one puff,” says my brain

Just one puff.”

I know that I shouldn’t,

And I know that I can’t,

So my pen keeps going tap, tap, tap.

Bang, bang, bang.

On the table my fist goes

Bang, bang, bang.

You know that you want to,” says my brain

“You know that you want to.”

My hands leak with sweat,

My head sharply aches,

And my fist keeps going bang, bang, bang.

Crack, crack, crack.

The pen in my hand goes crack, crack, crack.

“You’re falling apart,” says my brain

“You’re falling apart.”

My stomach in knots,

My tongue craves the smoke,

And the pen keeps going crack, crack, crack.



Goes the chair against the wall,

Crash goes the chair.

I sit on the carpet

With a lighter in hand.

Flick,  flick, flick,

Goes the lighter

Flick, flick, flick.

And puff puff goes my mouth,

Puff, puff,



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