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March Comes In Like A Lion

By Gerard Sarnat


Fingers Are Crossed Until

Spring Vacation Soon


Among their mosaics of tattoos

piercings plus unopened books

scattered here on room floors


our grandchild college enrollees

I presumed look somewhat as if

appears your basic student gear


which today may include Narcan

kits still leftover from Christmas

stocking stuffers --- stocks


that will be replenished oy when

both girls and boys go home for

ritual Easter chocolate lambs


but keeping it real, this Friday

March 1 A.M., their parents

worry simply about tonite


while they are urging offspring

who might have already run

out, to take advantage of


new legit drugstore O.T.C.’s

availability by just dropping

by well as reassuring kids


we’ll reimburse all credit card

charges no matter high costs pursuit harm reduction


mitigating trips toward dim S.R.O.

along this Rogue River tributary

after picking up *clean needles


gauges, cookers, pipes, Fentanyl

test strips, hand sanitizer (Christ

now offered gratis in Oregon!)


as Lazarus wonder-drug Naloxone

hopefully’s employed--reversing

O.D.s to resurrect young lives.


*list from E. Tammy Kim’s

Do No Harm, New Yorker,

22 January, 2024


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